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I The company supplies all kinds of large, medium and small chemicals, fertilizers, boiler equipment manufacturing, thermal power plants, and mechanical processing that are produced in China to Shanghai, Baoshan, Chengdu, Anshan, Great Wall and Japan, the United States, and Germany. , Medium and high pressure 20 #, 20G seamless pipe; 15CrMo, 12Cr1Mo910, 12SiMoVNb, 10MoWVNb alloy steel pipe, 321, 304, 316, 316L and ultra-low carbon stainless steel pipe; 12Cr1MoV produced by Shanghai Steel No. 3 Plant Heavy Steel, Angang, Wugang , 15CrMoR alloy plate, etc.

Dedicated alloy steel plate includes 12Cr1MoV.15CrMo.10CrMo910 alloy plate. 16MnR container plate. 321.316 stainless steel; without each tube there are 12Cr1MoV.15CrMo.20G alloy steel pipe. Boiler pipe 321.316 stainless steel pipe.

The company has a large stock of stocks, complete varieties and specifications, the lowest price counterparts. The steel tubes and plates sold by the Division are attached with the original warranty certificate of the steel mill. Handle the return journey on behalf of the user, and arrange the consignment at a reasonable price, and handle the ultrasonic flaw detection or magnetic particle detection on behalf of the user.
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